PIANO DAY 1 final small.jpg
  Art Direction  ( Concept, Styling, Graphix & Web Design ) for Berlin based Dj Team   Les Saltimbanques    Photography  Bartholot   Hair & Make up   Servullo Mendez  &  Chief of Nothing
 Illustration on photography 2013  Applying illustration on photography to transform the photo into a work of art. Using scanned personal drawings and special image enhancement software like Photoshop & Illustrator,  in order to bring the entire project to life, through natural imagery.
Love will tear us apart
 Handrawn kimono  Acrylic on silk 160 x 60 cm 2012  Painting Hara Katsiki Kimono  Tatachristiane  Headpiece  Chief of nothing
 Series of 9 artworks Digital painting on photography 2011  I'm extremely fascinated by old pictures. Especially from the victorian era.  With an almost automatic drawing i transform them in a strange and surreal world of a fusion of clandestine Voodou, ancestral memory, and personal revelation. I give them life again through my imagination. I'm like a mediumship.  I allow my hand to move randomly ,expressing the subconscious so that the final result may reveal something of the psyche.  I do not always look to tell a story or create meaning. Sometimes by looking deeper you can find your own.
The wise will never die
 Painting Hara Katsiki  Concept & Art Direction in collaboration with   Bartholot     Chief of Nothing   &  Chipironet   2014
  Front cover & editorial Illustration on  4SEE Magazine  S/S 2015
 Concept & Art Direction in collaboration with  Bartholot
 Commission for a series of  artworks, to be printed as limited edition prints for the American Express Centurion cards packs.  Series of 12 artworks Limited edition of 100 prints (signed & numbered) Black ink on paper 150 x 120 cm 2013
 Cover art for the  TYPHOID ROSIE  's  album named  "THE MUSIC ALBUM"    
Show me your wounds
It Gets Your Body Movin´ - SUCKERS
 River Arms Gold ink on black paper 70 x 100 cm 2011
 Costume design inspired by Pyotr Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" 
 Hand_drawn t-shirt